Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cycling Mojo

Woohoo, finally it has returned:P I actually want to be out on the bike again.

7 solid weeks of eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating, eating and sleeping ... well I think you get the picture ... since I finished my 10 deserts solo cycle epic. The old body has NEARLY caught up. I've jumped on my dually for a few fun frollicks (and yes I kept my clothes on) at Daisy Hill of late. I'm lovin' being back on the bike, but lots of work to do to regain some long lost fitness.

There aint much racing left in the season and it's already warming up, but I think I'll still get down Mullimbimby way for the Freedom marathon through Nightcap National Park. At least it'll be well sheltered. Beautiful forest that one.

Next on the agenda is my first big interstate race ... the Kona 24hr. This'll be an interesting experiment for me as I don't normally fare too well in the heat. I do prefer enduro's to be mid-winter. I know this may seem wierd for someone who voluntarily rides through deserts, but I did 'that' mid-winter.

Here are a few quick picks from my 10 deserts solo ride: more pics here. Website here.

More to look forward to around Chrissy: I'm planning another "fatty" tour around the northern reaches of cooloola NP and possibly also the lakes of Fraser Island. Who needs a 4WD when you have a Fatback:)