Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Days

Raider was my first and still is my most loyal training partner. At 17 now, this border collie/cattle dog X is more interested in going for a slow walk and sniffing the gardens, but that doesn't matter to me. Every time I visit my folks, seeing Raider reminds me of so many happy times when the two of us ran trails and streets 7 days/wk, for many years. I don't know too many other dogs that have run a sub 90 min half marathon.

The annual visit to the vet was a regular reminder that I had the happiest, healthiest and FITTEST dog in the neighbourhood.

Running has been in my blood forever. There is nothing like the simplicity of a pair of shorts and shoes to foster ones' curiosity for forest trails. Exploring new trails, getting lost, finding yourself, getting lost again, and hopefully finding yourself again was my first form of adventure. I never felt alone. There was a special serrenity that was a mix of endorphins from the exercise, and appreciation of all the different environs I would run through.

Ever feel like some personal time; take your running shoes (and loyal training partner) with you.

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