Thursday, November 20, 2008

When it rains, it pours

This morning I woke at 1 to the sound of sheeting rain. The heaviest rain I've heard in a long, long time. After this morning's ride, the local stormwater culvert was still overflowing:

... and still down it comes. Actually it's music to my ears. I felt like a 10 y.o. playing in puddles on tonight's ride. I know some others are struggling with storm damage, and I hope it eases for them, but I do enjoy the rain.


Kazimer said...

Hello ~

I happened upon your blog while reading through the comments in Up in Alaska and started to read through your posts.

I'm looking forward to your posts and photos as you continue your adventure/journey.


Russell Worthington said...

Thanks Kaz. I haven't yet had time to look through the alaskan blog, but it looks like a good read. Jill's done well.

I couldn't access your blog? Cheers, Russ.

Kazimer said...

Hey Russ ~

I don't have a blog.

I simply enjoy and am interested in connecting with people who are living their lives with a sense of adventure ( and on their own terns as much as is possible ), along with the idea that it is as much ( or more ) the journey, than the destination.

Russell Worthington said...

Cool Kaz. I like your thoughts. ... and I agree it's more about the journey.