Sunday, October 26, 2008

Juscruzin Guided Tours

Juscruzin (AKA Nick) was tour guide for today's ride. Starting from Everton Hills, we got the scenic tour over Camp Mtn, along south boundary to the shelter, scrub road, back over Camp Mtn, and finished off with some superb single track through Bunya State Forest.

The pace-line. Evidently I can't take a photo and ride at the same time - lol.

Part way down the rocky scrub road; Brad repairing the first of two flats.

Scrub road is a solid climb. It certainly felt like it for me today. Forgot my HTFU tablets;/

Frother & Clewsy just about at the top. I think we're all in need of some more long climbing miles. Ah well it's all good. I'm pleased we started early. It was pleasant riding with a good group. Brad's a trooper. He's gonna go a long way in MTB if he keeps up the hard work. Good onya Brad!

I know I shouldn't have been riding with a slightly torn calf today, but I was bustin to get outdoors. Not smart. I was lucky not to do any further damage.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Had a chance to sneak out to Mapleton for some great flowing trail bike trails this morn. There are some great little pinch climbs and the roller-coaster is fun. Terrific view over the Mary Valley! The dually eats up these trials. Enjoy!