Sunday, October 19, 2008


Had a chance to sneak out to Mapleton for some great flowing trail bike trails this morn. There are some great little pinch climbs and the roller-coaster is fun. Terrific view over the Mary Valley! The dually eats up these trials. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hey Russ
Didn't know there were trails up there. Have to check it out. See you at the markets.

Russell Worthington said...

Not a lot of trails, but good for a couple of hours. Because they're trail bike trails, some are well chewed up. Lots of fun though:)

Craig Storey said...

You should keep an eye on the Bushrangers website Russ. Come out with us next time your on the Sunnycoast!

TokenKid said...

Looks like fun. by the way thanks for the ride today! had a ball!!