Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Haile" the Emperor - Berlin Marathon

Man this is impressive, and inspiring ... 2:03:59 - New WR!


I WILL run a marathon one day. I'd like to go <2:40, but first I must do 1:13-1:15 for the half. My return to running is going to be a big thrust for my riding next year. Let's just see how that one goes:-/


Anonymous said...

That must be an average speed of about 21kmph. I would love to just average that in a mountain bike race???. Hey sounds like your hike to Lost World was a great adventure.

Russell Worthington said...

Ditto that one! Man, 42 x <3min k's, 0 secs recovery. I remember lying flat on the ground after 5 x <3 mins with 30 secs recovery. Yeah Lost World is pretty amazing. I want to return for some more exploration.

Blody blogger, how do I get these freaking links to work:(

Hillbilly said...

WOW, sub 2.04 marathon, that is incredible.

Thanks for the encouragement for the weekend, looking forward to seeing you up there. shame you're not racing, hubcap was keen to take you on. Those adventures you have been taking look amazing dude, keep having fun out there!

rhino said...

Where is the surly PUGSLEY????

Russell Worthington said...

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen:) You coming to Fraser from Boxing Day? Did you see Groundhog's post?