Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sounds of a Lost World

My feet are wrecked! Binna Burra to the heart of Lost World and back in 30hrs. I definitely chose the wrong boots for this hike. Ah well, it was still awesome.

Lost World by day is an adventure. Lost World by night and solo is just plain eerie. Definitely a nav challenge! I only did 3 hours at night, but definitely enjoyed this. I didn't see a single soul off this beaten track, not that I was expecting to at night. Several times I just sat down and watched and listened to everything happening around me. All so busy and full of life! I became hypersensitive to sounds and movement; all the things I miss when fleeting through the forest myself. The breeze and sunlight filtered through the canopy at first light; it was so, so relaxing. I felt like sleeping. Who needs drugs!!! Lost World - I will be back for some more exploration:) ... But after some serious riding. I'm getting itchey feet!

Believe it or not this is the trail.

PS Note to self. Never leave banana bread on kitchen sink before another long hike - doh!


Rach said...

love your solo adventures russ.... and lost world is something else.

pics are awesome!

Russell Worthington said...

You'd love it out there Rach. Good luck for the 8hr on the w/e. You'l fly on those new wheels!