Monday, September 1, 2008

To boldy go where no bike has gone before ...

Most of my good friends know I've never been one to sit still for too long. Having sinusitis the last few weeks has led to more physical idle time than I care for. I've been forced to withdraw from the Scott 24hr, so what better way to pass the time then to plan my next bike tours. Adventure beckons, and this will be my trusty steed when eventually I get my hands on one.

Have a gander at these links to truly appreciate what sets this amazing bike apart from others. I'm particularly impressed by the Big Dummy and how Surly have made such a significant inroads to challenge people's philosophy on dependence to the car. Two thumbs up Surly!

Stay tuned for some adventure updates:-/


rhino said...

Did you buy a puglsey? keep me in the loop for dumb things to do, I need an adventure.

Russell Worthington said...

I will be getting one sooner or later. And what better place to test it's straps than the worlds biggest sand island: Fraser Is. I will probably be doing a few trips, so I'm sure we can organise a posse of adventure nutters at some point. I'll be in touch:-)