Sunday, August 3, 2008

Let the HURT begin

With a little oven two months now till the Scott 24hr race, I was pleased as a pig in shit to be back on the bike this weekend. My masseur did a great job of ironing out some knots, so I'm now confident of continuing what I'm planning to be a hectic training schedule, injury free. I did a relatively flat 140km over 3 rides this weekend; just enough to get confident the leg is "good to go". Now let the HURT begin. Current weight 72kg. Now to bed for 3am wake-up.

... And guess who I bumped into lurking the streets this fine Sunday; good friend Steve Cody. I want a trip report on all those exciting NZ trails you find on your holiday Steve:)

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Anonymous said...

Keep training hard, you will do really well at the Scott. I've got the Epic this weekend so I'm pumped. We will catch up for a ride after.