Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cycling in my blood???

At my great Uncle Reg's 90th birthday recently we were discussing riding. Reg remembered that my great grandfather Allen Valentine Worthington used to race bikes, and also did quite well in his era. We've just managed to dig out this old photo. I know Allen was born in 1882 and we believe this photo was taken around 1900. Looks like a single-speed fixie. I'd love to know what bike this is. Anyone else know? If I can dig out any more detail on where or what he raced etc I'll update this post.


OutdoorGaz said...

Great photo !! Interesting bike and I like the hat ... more elf than helmet. Always good to find out more about where you came from. Any mountaineers in the Worthington line?

Russell Worthington said...

Hey Gaz, yeah I love seeing old photos like this. Our family has a heap from old logging days in the NSW north coast. Long bullock trains and all. I'm pretty sure I'm the only climber though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone from the canberra bike museum might be able to help.
So russ your family is partly responsible for destroying our forests :-) That's an awesome photo.