Sunday, November 22, 2009

24 HOA Down Under

The announcement was made a while back. This event is going to be a big drawcard for Australian enduro MTB'ing next year. Aussies have faired well in this event even when it's held far from our shores. Next year I believe we'll have a massive showing. It's gonna be BIG! I can't wait!

My energy is returning, now to chose a qualifying event. Maybe Tassie, or maybe Canberra since that's where the event will be held. Regardless, I'm looking forward to this. Bring it on:)


OutdoorGaz said...

Go for it Russ! Glad to hear your energy is returning. Are you going to hold a 10Deserts talk/slideshow anytime soon? I'll buy a ticket if you do ;-)

Rach said...

Hey Russ, with your previous 24hr results and your recent adventures I would be emailing Stuart to request a 'resume' slot.
I think you will find if the nationals are held in canberra it is usually at majura not stromlo - v.diff courses.
there is a QLD qualifier in July? Toughest race of the lot though given the course at OHV. :)

Lars said...

24hrs? A little short for you isn't it? :)


rhino said...

Only a day of riding, you will be bored???

Russell Worthington said...

Lars/Rhino, I'd be happy to be able to ride 24hr atm. Believe me it's all uphill from here:(

Thanks for the course heads-up Rach.

Gaz I'm gonna do a short slideshow for one SES division (MTBDirt member) but hadn't really planned one anywhere else. I'm happy to catch up to trade adventure stories though. I'm very keen to hear about your kayaking up north. Maybe a D.H. ride one weekend?

Cheers, Russ.