Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inspirational Biking Adventures

I always enjoy reading and following inspirational adventures. Here are a couple I have recently stumbled upon:

No.1. Mike Curiak's solo and unsupported Alaskan MTB touring.

Mike is presently attempting the first solo and unsupported ride of the 1100 mile Iditarod trail. I believe he may also be utilising a single wheel trailer. Mike started one day behind the ITI racers, and is making good progress considering he's carrying all his own supplies and not utilising any en-route assistance. His only benefit is in following the snowmobile formed trails like the ITI racers.

You can read all about the background and his motivation for attempting this route on his blog here. Mike has some pretty inspirational photos there of terrain he will be covering. This is one:

Mike started with 24 days food onboard for this adventure. He's 7 days in now and needs to maintain a steady schedule before his food and fuel supplies run out. My hat is off to ya Mike. Good luck.

No.2. Greg Kolodziejzyk's pedal the ocean expedition.

Greg is planning to pedal a high-tech, custom-designed, human–powered boat called WiTHiN 4500 kilometres from Vancouver to Hawaii! Check out details of the adventure here.

Check out footage of a trial on the inside passage here. This is a 10 min vid, but well worth the look.

Good luck Greg. Inspirational stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

What about me
0.5 - Aaron riding to work. that's got pretty hard core to the max extreme

Russell Worthington said...

Yeah it is. Would have included it but you don't have a blog;)

jaman said...

Yes Mike is quite an amazing athlete... I remember when he set the record for the Continental Divide Trail race From Canada to Mexico. The event was self-supported and of course is right up your alley Russ. I have alot of magic memories of riding the CDT in Colorado.

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