Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In2Adventure Dirtfest

Preparing for the Lemans start:

The FTR Dirtfest 50km race was set at the slickers race venue on Brisbane's northside. I've never seen this course dry for a full race, but we'd be using the newer, shortened 10km loop for this race. NICE, 5 laps ... the shortest race I've ever done.

I didn't get a chance to do a warm-up lap to learn the course, and paid for this by finding out the hard way there were some REALLY sharp and long turns. I had too much speed and ended up riding off the track a couple of times. I'm a bloody gumby!

Anyways, lap 1 was a blur. I wasn't warmed up, and I felt very slow. Many others were storming past, but I just had to bight my lip and reign in the horse, or pay the price and blow up big time. I felt much better on the 2nd lap. I targeted to just maintain a steady speed for the full distance. My plan worked. Many other riders rolled out too fast, and blew up on the many good hills out there. I picked back up to somewhere between 7-9th place overall, WELL, at least I would have if I actually finished at the correct finish line. Thanks to the race organisers and FTR for suppporting another great MTB event. Here are a few more photos:

FTR riders Tim McCullough & Josh Bamford getting off to a super fast start

Opening the throttle on one of the flat sections

Big Al down from the sunny coast, showing most of the vets how its done

Meg once again untouchable in the vets category with her big niner wheels, oh, and amazing riding ability.

AWESOME to see Jaman on his new steed, from FTR of course. Lots more attacks off the front to come from this rider I'm sure.

Passing traffic

Nick Mills well on his way to taking out the single speed category. Top effort mate.

Peter Winfield on his way to 2nd in the single speed category.


Rach said...

nice work russ...
I particularly like the pic of you hammering past traffic (shan).
I am going to send that pic to him and pay him out for being lazy. ;)

Rach said...

and by lazy I mean having his leg stitched up and then getting back on the bike (refer: bandage on leg). hahahahaaa.

MattDogTraining said...

Hahahaha...Smashing past Shan...hahaha...