Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in the saddle

Finally over the flu:) Now it's time to get some climbing back into the legs ahead of the Insomnia 24hr. My plan Saturday was for a roadie ride taking in the lovely sights and sounds (love these) of the Tamborine & Lamington mountains. I was expecting dinosaurs to emerge from these ancient trees hugging this narrow road en-route to O'Rielley's.

I love this view of the SE rim from the top of Mt.Tamborine. Even better is the climb up the goat track to earn the view.

Not a bad view to end a 190km ride with 3500m ascent eh!

Sunday's ride was with a group of friends in Whian Whian State Conservation Area. No mountain was too high for this entrepid troop. A fun social ride in a new setting. I never tire of riding through rain-forest. Another 1000m climbing for me too. It's all very much needed ATM.

I can't believe Adrian was riding this bike. I didn't realise bikes this old still exist. I didn't slow him down much though.

Still, his crusty clunker outlasted my new black steed. After dodging a million bloody sticks on these trials, my derailleur hanger finally met its demise. It did make for a fun 10km run slash roll back to the cars though.

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