Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mt.Perry 6hr MTB enduro

I was very much looking forward to the Queens Birthday long w/e. Mike Zande and his tireless crew had put in an amazing amount of work in advance for this event, and the result wasn't to disappoint. Far from it, this was this best circuit track I have ridden:) It was a tough one for a solo rider, and sadly for me on the day, I was still recovering from the flu. After 4 laps of this 10.5km circuit, I withdrew to join in on some of the great support atmosphere, and to allow myself to fully recover ahead of the upcoming 24hr race. No single photo does justice to this great course and the atmosphere for this fun event. I'll be there next year for sure. Event details:

There are some tight, steep switchbacks heading down to this timber bridge which we also head under on the way up the mountain.

Me soaking up some flowing downhill

Those crazy Mexicans cheering everyone on at the summit!

Big Al digging deep for a superhuman effort. Great race Al.

Where do I get me some of those pink slippers???

Nick cruising along the summit ridge, soaking in every minute of this great track.

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