Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good things come in 3's

.... or at least they did this past weekend.

1. Fire trails - Sat a.m.

Starting from Bunya, Nick, Brad and I rode some fire trails heading towards Samford. There was too much mud and many trees still down, so we B-line’d it to the goat track on-road to meet the others. Up the goat track, down lightline (love that descent), through some of the worst bog I’ve ever seen down near Wivenhoe dam, and back up Cabbage Tree Range road; great climb. We split there and back to Bunya. 78km.

Lots of mud today. We were all being considerate of our bikes, carrying them through the worst of the mud and deep creeks. Too much mud this season:(

2. Road ride - Sunday a.m.

Magpie alley was killer this week. Don’t these magpies realise breeding season is over? The buggers were swooping in squadrons this week. I still can’t bring myself to attach zip ties to my helmet and look like a porcupine. I stopped for this nice view en-route. Good to see some water making its way back into the dams. 185km.

3. Single track fun 'n' games - Sunday p.m.

Lars is back in town and we finally hooked-up for a fun single track ride. We could have called this ride the Daisy Hill dash for cash! Ok so there was no cash involved, but it was a shit-hot pace seeing who could make the other hurt the most. I was buggered an hour later, but haven’t had so much fun in ages. Bloody great to seeya again Lars, and I definitely look forward to more of these rides:)

Weekend warrior, signing out!

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TokenKid said...

Great ride yet again!