Monday, December 8, 2008

Karingal 4hr

My race was BLAAAAAH! Riding so slow is just no fun. I pulled out after just one lap and decided to become a photographer for the day.

Now this would be a great, flowing course in the dry. It was even fun in the mud, or at least it woulda been if I had any condition at all. One too many muddy races this year. I was cringing at the carnage on my drive train, again! Oh well, Dusk till Dawn here we come.

I don't often get a chance to be photographer, but I did enjoy it today. Here are a few:


Sean Bekkers said...

hey mate sounds like letting this one go was a good idea. Did the Insomnia memories come flooding back???


Russell Worthington said...

Yep, Insomnia 2008, and Insomnia 2007, Noosa Enduro, Hells Bells ...
But really, just felt flat as a tack. All the best for your 2009 season.

Craig Storey said...

Looks nasty! I'm still having Flashbacks from Insomnia. Your bike will live to fight another day!