Sunday, April 5, 2009

Worlds Apart

Speedway Cycles Fatback ... Down Under in Brisbane

After a few obligatory photos, I took my weapon of mass flotation onto the river loop. "Fat Albert" as I've nick-named my Fatback felt like a fish outta water on the road, but he sure got heaps of comments from roadies we passed en-route;) With lots of rolling resistance from low-pressure 4" tyres, the bike is still suprisingly fast. I can see it will be worthwhile retaining my biggest chain-ring. Now I can't wait to test this great bike on more fitting terrain.

Thanks to the guys from For the Riders for helping fit-out my fatty. I know I'm in great hands with For the Riders.

From above to below in the space of approx 3 months. 10 deserts and 7500km. Can I do it? I'll post a link to the expedition website in the near future. You'll be able to track my progress the entire way. Less than 4 weeks to go now ...


Amber said...

Nice Bike Russ... I don't know what's bigger though... ur legs or the tires :D

Anonymous said...

Those calves of mass destruction are lethal aren't they. It's a very nice bike russ I'm impressed. Do you know what it's weight is? I just got some scales for my bikes. Turns out the anthem is just under 12kgs and wait for it my roadie is 11.5kgs :-) it confirms my long held belief that the roadie was fricken heavy.

OutdoorGaz said...

Your bike looks amazing. I look forward to following your progress on this great adventure.

Bradley Toomey's Cycling Adventure said...

Russ, good luck with your insane adventure! can't wait to hear all about it, thats one bling bike. But boy are those wheels/tyres big though! Have a ball and keep safe!!!


Russell Worthington said...

Near enough to 14kg Aaron, and as you'd suspect, a good chunk of that is in the wheelsets.