Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great Sandy NP - Cooloola Section

.... My original plans for Fraser Island didn't eventuate this Xmas thanks to the above weather pattern; a big low from T.C. Laurence and heaps of rain. I was still keen as a bean to get out on the fat-bike though, so instead headed to Great Sandy NP: Map

I headed north up Cooloola Way, then cut across Kings Bore Rd to Teewah beach, straight up the beach to the amusement of all the 4WD NY party revellers, cut back along Freshwater Ck Rd, and back via Cooloola Way; 2 half days of nice (but hot) riding.

Even with all the rain from TC Laurence, water in the Noosa River was low. Last time I crossed this bridge, I dangled my feet off the bridge into the refreshing tea-tree water.

In this beautiful stretch of forest, Sacarda's were in their element. They were singing in chorus, and in waves reaching a real crescendo. Awesome stuff!

4" tyres were a must closer to Teewah beach. Without them I would have been walking:(

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