Monday, January 18, 2010

Snakes Alive

It was time for a reccy in Lost world yesterday. I love this place. This time I explored Christmas Ck up to Pt Lookout, and a couple of adjoining trails too.

This bridge crossing was fun, and I'll definitely bring togs next time. There were several tempting water-holes.

It was a special moment to see the site of the Stinson plane wreck. The story of rescue/survival is amazing ... definitely worth the read for those that don't know it. After signing the register myself, I scrolled through the pages of other visitors, and see another friend has also visited this sacred site. Good to see you're still getting out and about Steve (Epic) Turner - lol!

It is definitely snake season. I nearly stood on one black snake, but fortunately saw these two in advance. The carpet python was coiled up, just soaking in the warm sun. It rained on my return to Xmas Ck trailhead, and I picked up a few lazy hitch-hikers. Blood suckers aside, Lost World is an amazing place to visit; definitely worth time to explore.

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OutdoorGaz said...

Its a great walk to the Stinson although I haven't been there in a few years.