Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spring Mountain

It's always fun exploring a new area. This weekend my mate Clewsy (tour guide) and 10 other keen souls ventured out to the rough and ungroomed area that is Spring Mountain. Being predominantly sandstone in the area, the heavy rain that had fallen was barely noticable on the trails.

The riding was great. Very rough and raw, or was that my arse after some of the rough downhills?!? We crossed paths with one red-belly black, but I was too slow to get the camera out for this one.

Clewsy definitely won the prize for shiniest bike, both pre and post-race. I couldn't also award him prize for best mono since this was his 2nd attemp;)

The riding here was reminiscent of Nerang, but without Nerangs kick-arse hills. Either way, I think a return visit is in order. Thanks for the company lads.

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