Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free as a bird

Today was a day that I would just see where the wind would blow me. I had already slept in and missed my planned 3am departure to ride up to Peachester for a cup of tea with good friend Brit Ballard. I'd become wary that my body was telling me "enough". I needed to ease off on training and catch up on sleep. So I did:)

Instead of riding to Peachester, I drove. I had a good catch up with Brit who is unfortunately riding out a bout of glandular fever atm. Brit is normally a very active person, so I can understand that the mind is keen for fresh air and exercise, but the body has its days when it must slow down. All the best for a speedy recovery Brit!

It's been a while since I've been up any of the Glasshouse mountains, so I figured today was as good a day as any to fix that. Beerwah is a favourite scramble of mine. It's doable in under 20mins if ur hoot-footing it, but today was a casual day for me, so no hurry. The views from the top are breathtaking. Ngun Ngun (also called Coonowrin) below has a beautiful 3 pitch crack climb in the centre of the east face. Climbing has since been banned on that peak due to some seriously unstable rock columns that move when you press against them. Scary stuff!

After my leisurely morning scramble, I decided it was time for lunch in Maleny. Gourmet sandwich and ice coffee. YUM:) Now off to Conondale NP for a ride up Booloumba Ck Rd to Jimna, and back via Sunday Ck Rd. Some water to negotiate to keep things interesting! I always find waterways relaxing for some silly reason. Does anyone else???

Booloumba Ck Rd is a terrific climb. I'm glad I had granny on board for this ride, because she sure came in handy. The rainforest is gorgeous, and so are Booloumba Falls. I think I need to re-hash my "northern loop" to remove Sunday Ck Rd and include Booloumba Ck Rd to add to my total climbing meters. Great training;)

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