Sunday, May 18, 2008

Glasshouse Trail Run 11km - 2nd place

I went into this mornings' run with some apprehension. I haven't been doing enough running to have any confidence on my feet. The MTB is definitely my priority for the time being.

The atmosphere was very welcoming. It was my first event with this "new crowd", and very friendly so I will be back for more. The setting was some very well treed trails around Woodford. The terrain was relatively flat, sandy and rocky in places, but never a concern underfoot.

I was suprised to find myself in third position in this 11.4km run after the first kilometre. I felt comfortable enough for now, but thought I'd pay the price later. About 4km in, I steal a look behind, and fourth is nowhere to be seen. I had an extra reason to keep on the shoulder of 2nd now. I didn't bother listening to pre-race instructions so didn't know where the hell I was going.

I definitely wouldn't have the condition to challenge for a win today, but thought I could take 2nd. My form was less then perfect, and breathing laboured, but I could see 2nd was in a similar boat. He was fast on the downhills, so I'd have to take him on an uphill or long flat.

At approx 9km, I saw my chance and took it. It was nice to stretch out for a bit. I knew I couldn't hold it long, so was pleased there was no challenge. My time of 45mins put me 1 minute behind first. The next Glasshouse trail runs (for me) will be much further; 24 & 30km. Time to crack the whip on foot! I take my hat off to all the ultra-runners. In September these guys and girls will run 100miles.

This photo taken just before the finish, slowly catching a very strong finishing 30km runner:

These trail runs are well catered events. BBQ and free G'House coffee mug included in entry. I look forward to the next event:

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