Monday, May 12, 2008

Training Ride Sat 10th May

Brrrrrrr it's cold. 1am start. Jeez I'm mad! Why do I train for 24hr MTB racing? Ah yeah, because it's such a physical and mental challenge and very rewarding. Well maybe come sunrise it will be rewarding!

Trip computer battery has run out, so no actual temperature. I tried my nice new leg warmers for the first time this morning. They're a godsend let me tell you. Next purchase: arm warmers!

Todays ride will be broken into two legs. 165km morning session (inc. 35km off-road), and 185km afternoon/evening session with kip in between. Total 5500m climbing. My aim is to acclimitise the old bod to the 3-400km+ range if I'm to give myself any chance of cracking my target 400km off-road goal for the upcoming Insomnia event.

Since many of my training rides are solo at present, it's a rare treat that Nat & Matt joined me for part of my evening session. It's been over a year since I've ridden with Nat. She's a different rider now; so much stronger. It's so great to see people living up to their sporting potential and achieving their own goals. You go girl!

Matt the poor bugger has come unstuck with tendonitis in his wrist. He's had to cut his training right back which is sad because this guy is riding hard at the moment and would certainly be in contention on the podium for us solo nutters in the Insomnia race. Hope the wrist is better real soon mate:)